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Chat Conduct

Simple chat rules:#

  • Be respectful
  • No NSFW, overly political, controversial content, refrain from saying weird things that may make others uncomfortable
  • No using racial slurs or racially inciting jokes
  • Follow all Discord's community guidelines and terms of service
  • Keep the channels civil, sort out personal drama in DMs or report to staff to resolve
  • No leaking or doxing of personal info of any kind
  • Annoying others repeatedly such as ghost pinging is not allowed
  • Advertising is not allowed
  • Leaking coordinates in game or in the Discord will result in an instant ban
  • Repeatedly violating these rules will be subject to punishment


Spamming is not allowed on NostalgiaCraft, specifically in the Discord. We want to keep our Discord a place where discussion and chat has purpose and quality, so spam is not tolerated. Some examples of spam include but are not limited to:


Spam is only considered spam if it's said repeatedly over and over. Common sense is expected when it comes to spam. Obviously staff are not going to mute you if you use the above examples in a way which is purposeful.


Spamming related rules do not apply to #off-topic, you may spam everything there

How we moderate:#

  • Moderation is subject to the staff team's discretion, our responsibility is to prevent community disruption
  • Hate speech (homophobic remarks, racism, etc.) will be subject to moderation
  • Staff have the right to intervene any community disrupting behavior