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The Server Economy

NostalgiaCraft's economy is an item and player based economy. There are two avenues of trade:

  • The /trade command wherein two players meet up and trade each other items
  • The spawn build zone (500 radius around spawn) where players build shops and buy from them

Using /trade:#

  1. Arrange a deal with a player either in game chat or privately on the Discord
  2. Meet up at spawn with /spawn, and do /trade <username>
  3. They must accept the trade, then you will use the GUI and deposit your items you want to trade
  4. Press accept once you are happy with the trade

Using spawn shops:#

  1. You must have spawn building permissions, if you don't have spawn building permissions then you can apply in the Discord and open a ticket
  2. Walk around spawn, and find a shop you want to buy from, and follow the pricing/instructions

You can see all the locations of the shops around spawn on the map here.