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Spawn Building

Obtaining spawn building permission:#

We take our spawn building permission system seriously, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of two weeks on the server since the join date
  • Have someone with spawn building permissions already vouching for you

If you meet these requirements, you may apply in the Discord and open a ticket


Violation of the spawn building rules will result in the removal of the rule breaker's permissions and a possible ban determined by the severity of the incident. The person vouching for the rulebreaker will have also have their spawn building permissions revoked as well, vouch for someone only if you trust them!

Shop building guidelines:#

Only players with spawn building permissions are able to access the chests and use the shops. You are only initially allowed to claim one shop plot. Afterwards, you are allowed to own more than one shop plot if you contact the staff team by opening a ticket to discuss. You can access the spawn map here.

This is the NostalgiaCraft Spawn map!

Adding your shop to the map with a marker:#

This tutorial will tell you how to add your shop to the spawn map, as shown in this example:

  1. Take a banner of any color and put it in an anvil
  2. Name the banner, the name should be descriptive of your shop and have your name on it
  3. Place the banner on your shop, it will show up on the spawn map

Here's a banner on the map