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Why does NostalgiaCraft allow stealing and PvP in the wild?#

NostalgiaCraft is not a PvP server, nor is it a raiding server, but because our objective is to offer simple vanilla gameplay, we do not have any claiming system. Stealing and PvP is only allowed in the wild, not in community areas (see below). You are able to settle far away, from any chance of disturbance, because the world border is large (250,000 radius).

  • Don't build your base at obvious coordinates or on an axis (for example 10k, 10k)
  • Don't build your base exactly at the world border
  • Remove your nether portal on the nether side (set a home in the overworld and remove the portal then do /home)
  • Don't build a gold farm or any nether project at your base's nether coordinates
  • Put valuables in a enderchest, some are at spawn (enderchests have 27 slots, if you use shulkers for all 27 slots, you can store 27 x 27 = 729 slots of items)

What are community areas?#

Community areas can be defined as areas where the community has taken effort to build and improve the landscape:

  • Spawn (500 x 500 area)
  • The main end island and surrounding endermen farms
  • The nether spawn and highways These areas may not be stolen from and where PvP is not allowed. They are excluded from the list of valuable blocks you may break when raiding. Bases are not allowed in community areas.

What am I allowed to raid?#

You are allowed to raid valuable blocks and mine them without being considered griefing, shown below: These are the blocks you are allowed to raid


Killing villagers and pets that someone else owns is considered griefing and will be met with a ban, all killed villagers and pets will be rolled back in the event of a raid.

Leaking/selling base, farm, or player coordinates will result in an instant ban. This includes privately leaking/selling coordinates. After obtaining coordinates, you may not spread them.