NostalgiaCraft Wiki


Simple chat rules:

  • Be respectful
  • No NSFW, overly political, controversial content, refrain from saying weird things that may make others uncomfortable
  • No using racial slurs or racially inciting jokes
  • Follow all Discord’s community guidelines and terms of service
  • Keep the channels civil, sort out personal drama in DMs or report to staff to resolve
  • No leaking or doxing of personal info of any kind
  • Annoying others repeatedly such as ghost pinging is not allowed
  • Advertising is not allowed


Spamming is not allowed on NostalgiaCraft, especially in the Discord. We want to keep our Discord a place where discussion and chat has purpose and quality, so spam is not tolerated. Common sense is expected when it comes to spam. Spamming related rules do not apply to #off-topic, you may spam everything there

How we moderate:

  • Moderation is subject to the staff team’s discretion, our responsibility is to prevent community disruption
  • Hate speech (homophobic remarks, racism, etc.) will be subject to moderation
  • Staff have the right to intervene any community disrupting behavior