NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Chat and Interaction

General Guidelines

  • These guidelines apply to usernames, chat messages, weapon names, and any other forms of communication or interaction within the NostalgiaCraft community
  • Refrain from spamming (#off-topic in the Discord is exempt from this)
  • No NSFW, overly political, controversial content, refrain from saying weird things that may make others uncomfortable
  • No using racial slurs or racially inciting jokes
  • Follow all Discord’s community guidelines and terms of service
  • Keep the channels civil, sort out personal drama in DMs or report to staff to resolve
  • No leaking or doxing of personal info of any kind
  • Annoying others repeatedly such as ghost pinging is not allowed
  • Advertising is not allowed (we define this as interacting with others through the NostalgiaCraft server or Discord with the intent to advertise or promote something)

How We Moderate

  • Moderation is subject to the staff team’s discretion, our responsibility is to prevent community disruption
  • Hate speech (homophobic remarks, racism, etc.) will be subject to moderation
  • Staff have the right to intervene and take action regarding any community disrupting behavior
  • Staff reserve the right to ban a player for rule violations as outlined in this wiki at any time
  • Staff reserve the right to ban a player for chat conduct offenses, including in private messages, public chat, or within the community regarding any form of expression that is in violation of the community safety guidelines

Staff Goals

While rules are essential to maintain order, NostalgiaCraft staff genuinely does not want to be punitive. Rather, we aim to guide players towards respectful and fair gameplay. By working together with the community, the staff uphold a standard that enhances everyone’s experience within the community. Remember, NostalgiaCraft staff are here to assist you, answer your questions, and make your time on the server as enjoyable as possible. Should you have an issue with anything regarding the community, please open a ticket in the Discord.