NostalgiaCraft Wiki


Default Commands (All Ranks)

/afkChanges your tablist status to AFK
/buyOpens a GUI for the NostalgiaCraft store
/cartographytableOpens the cartography table GUI (Custom+ rank required)
/commandsTypes in chat a link to this page
/craft, /wb, /workbenchOpens the crafting GUI (Member rank or above required)
/delhomeDeletes specified home instantly
/dispose, /trashOpens a trashcan GUI that will dispose of items put into it
/enderchest, /ecOpens the enderchest GUI (Patron rank or above required)
/grindstoneOpens the grindstone GUI (Custom+ rank required)
/hatEquips item in-hand to head (Sponsor rank or above required)
/headsOpens heads GUI (votepoints reward)
/homeTeleports you to specified home
/homesLists homes, teleports you to your home if you only have one
/ignore, /unignoreIgnores/unignores a specified player
/inspectDetails log data for blocks/containers (Custom+ rank required)
/loomOpens the loom GUI (Custom+ rank required)
/mapTypes in chat a link to the NostalgiaCraft spawn area map
/msgPrivately messages the specified player
/nametagsOpens cosmetic nametags GUI
/nick, /nicknameCreates your own nickname in place of username (Member rank or above required)
/nvGives the night vision effect (Patron rank or above required)
/playtimeChecks your own playtime (Custom+ rank can check any player)
/prefixAllows you to customize your own prefix (Custom+ rank required)
/pronounsAllows you to specify pronouns (in chat hover)
/rMessage reply feature, sends to the last player messaged
/realnameDisplays the real username of a nicked player
/renamehomeRenames the home to a specified new name
/reportReports the specified player to staff
/rulesDisplays a summary of the rules and the link to the full rules page
/server <survival/plots>Determines which server you are playing on
/sethomeSets a home point that you may teleport to later with /home
/smithingtableOpens the smithing table GUI (Custom+ rank required)
/spawnTeleports you to spawn
/sign, /signall, /unsign, /unsignallSigns/unsigns maps to prevent duplication (Custom+ rank required)
/sitPlaces you in the sitting position anywhere (Member rank or above required)
/stonecutterOpens the stonecutter GUI (Custom+ rank required)
/toggleannouncementsToggles announcements (Member rank or above required)
/togglephantomsToggles phantom spawning for you individually
/toggletradeToggles accepting trade requests from other players
/tradeSends specified player a trade request
/voteDisplays a link to all the voting sites
/voterewardsDisplays the vote rewards GUI
/warpWarps player to specified location (unlockable with /voterewards)
/wikiDisplays link to the NostalgiaCraft wiki
/wildTeleports you to the wild

Bedrock-only Commands (All Ranks)

/f3Opens F3 Java-like GUI and display
/geyserGeyser command, for features like Bedrock offhand, etc.