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Community Disruption

What is community disruption?

NostalgiaCraft is able to function as a community and as a server only if everyone is being positive to other community members. As soon as a community breeds toxicity or resentment, that community dies. It is the role of the staff team to prevent this, below are some of the following offenses that fall under “community disruption”:

Aiding in ban evasion:

We try as hard as possible not to ban anyone on NostalgiaCraft. Only when serious rules are broken and the community is harmed are players banned. That being said, aiding in another player’s ban evasion will carry consequences, as it isn’t fair to anyone who follows the rules.

Brigading for an unban:

Getting friends to come and demand staff to unban a certain person is both unfair and unproductive. To ensure fairness, all banned players are supposed to open a ticket in the Discord and go through the same appeal process as other banned players. However, by brigading staff for an unban of a specific person, this circumvents the due process and is disruptive to the community. Staff are humans too, and they are unpaid volunteers who dedicate their own time to helping the community maintain order. By brigading staff to do something, you are making their lives harder as well as yours.

Impersonating events or an identity:

Hosting a fake “event” or impersonating someone else in the community degrades trust, that is why impersonation of an event or identity is a bannable offense.

Spreading and inciting drama:

If you have a problem with the server, or the staff team, we are always open to listening to your concerns. We care about the server as much as you do. Keeping an issue with the server yourself is not productive, because we can’t help if we don’t know about it. What’s worse though, is if you go around and spread the issue without notifying the staff team.

Spreading and encouraging exploits/cheating:

NostalgiaCraft’s community is one that proudly plays fairly, being protected by our anticheat. Spreading cheats and exploits only goes against one of the core values of our community: integrity.