NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Greylisted Areas

What is the greylist?

NostalgiaCraft is a public server, and is not whitelisted. However, to protect and encourage spawn building and a thriving economy, we have a system called a greylist.

Non-greylisted players cannot break or interact with blocks as these zones are protected zones. Players with greylist status are not affected by these restrictions.

  • There is no mining allowed in the greylist, the zone is purely for building purposes (mining tunnels decrease the FPS of others).
  • There is no block spam or towering allowed in the greylist zone, we want to keep terrain easy to terraform for those who want to build.
  • Please do not leave trees floating.
  • Please do not keep your pets in the greylist zone (causes FPS lag).
  • Please keep item frame usage to a minimum (causes FPS lag).
  • PvP in the greylist zone must be consented to by all players involved and is only allowed in the arena at spawn.
  • Stealing is not allowed in the greylist zone (but neither is storing valuable items).
  • All activity within the greylist is logged by CoreProtect (and able to be viewed by staff).

When greylist rules are broken, the player will have their greylist status revoked and may also be subject to further action, at the interpretation of staff.

What areas are greylisted zones?

The following zones are greylisted:

  • Overworld spawn, 700 block radius from X0, Y0 (Map)
  • Nether hub, 150 block radius from X0, Y0
  • The End, 300 block radius from X0, Y0 (But ALL players can fight the dragon and use endermen farms normally)

How do I apply for greylist status?


  • 3 days of total server playtime (You can check using /playtime)
  • Someone with the greylist has to vouch for you
  • A well written application that follows our community values

If you meet these requirements, simply open a ticket in the Discord and click on the greylist application category.