NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Shop Licenses and Community Barrel Shops

Shop License Auction

The shop system on NostalgiaCraft is very simple. To make a shop, all you need to do is to be the highest bidder at the shop auctions. These auctions are announced every month, or whenever a shop’s current owner decides to vacate their shop. Once you own a shop plot, you are able then to build your shop and sell whatever you want!

Paying Rent

The amount of rent you pay for the first month will be the same amount you paid when you first bought the plot for at auction.

The amount of rent for any month after that will be the amount disclosed in the shop rent payment announcement in the Discord. Rent will be due at the 1st of every month, you must pay it or your shop plot might be foreclosed. To pay your shop’s rent, you must deposit your payment in the designated chest in the shopping district.

Deposit payment in your chest with your username in the second floor chest (rent payment) area.

Community Barrel Shops

Community barrel shops are located in the building (image below) near the center of the shopping district. Players may reserve a barrel and sell items in the shopping district by using their barrel. Each player is limited to one (1) barrel, and are subject to the same rules and restrictions as other shop owners. Players who own a shop license already are not allowed to reserve a barrel.

Shop Owner Rules

If you are a shop plot owner or have a community barrel shop, you will be subject to a few rules to ensure the fairness of the shopping district.

  • No signs or any form of advertising around the shopping district that point to your shop
  • Shops must not be visually disturbing (tall towers, blocking roads, etc.) or impede on other shop builds (to be determined on a case-by-case basis by the staff/builder team)
  • Item frame and glowing sign usage should be kept to a minimum, the staff team reserves the right to solve any FPS issues for players at any time by removal or relocation
  • No personal/excess storage allowed, all valuable items stored must be readily available to purchase at a reasonable price (you cannot use spawn protection to guard your loot against raiding)
  • All owners of shops in the district are responsible for building their shops in a timely manner (within two months of obtaining the license)
  • Shops are expected to be stocked at reasonable intervals and remain active as long as the license is active
  • Community barrel shops will be cleared without warning after three months of inactivity
  • You may set reasonable and equitable rules/limits for items sold, such as per player limits, etc.