NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Shop Plots

How do you buy a shop plot?

We’ll explain! The shop system on NostalgiaCraft is very simple. To make a shop, all you need to do is to be the highest bidder at the shop auctions. These auctions are announced every few weeks, or whenever a shop’s current owner decides to vacate their shop. Once you own a shop plot, you are able then to build your shop and sell whatever you want!

This is an example of what an unoccupied shop plot might look like, these will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, so make sure to pay attention to #alerts-and-events in the NostalgiaCraft Discord! The rent of larger shop plots are typically paid in netherite ingots. Other shop plots will be paid in diamonds.

How does paying rent work?

The amount of rent you pay will be the same amount you paid when you first bought the plot for at auction. Rent will be due at the 1st of every month, you must pay it or your shop plot might be foreclosed. To pay your shop’s rent, you must deposit your payment in the designated chest in the shopping district.

Deposit payment in your chest with your plot’s designated number (1A, etc.)

Shop plot rules:

If you are a shop plot owner, you will be subject to a few rules to ensure the fairness of the shopping district. These include:

  • Expanding your plot is allowed (corners, walls, etc.), but two blocks is the furthest you can expand
  • No signs around the shopping district that point to your shop, no one wants to see them
  • Item frame usage should be kept to a minimum, Chibo reserves the right to solve any FPS issues for players at any time
  • No personal/excess storage allowed, all valuable items stored must be readily available to purchase at a reasonable price (you cannot use spawn protection to guard your loot against raiding)