NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Staff/Builders Responsibilities + Contact Method

Staff Responsibilities

NostalgiaCraft is very diverse, with a community composed of people of all ages from all over the world. The rules are in place to protect the community, and staff are responsible for enforcing the rules fairly.

Additionally, NostalgiaCraft staff are available to solve any disputes in the community, and to guide the server’s development.

Builder Responsibilities

Players with the builder rank are no different than regular community members on the server, except these perks and restrictions:

  • [Builder] prefix in chat
  • More homes
  • Access to all warps
  • Access to /togglepvp
  • Not allowed to raid/kill (self-defense is permitted, but most will disable PvP)

Those with the builder rank help guide the development of NostalgiaCraft’s spawn, and have access to the ticket system for spawn build approvals. Builders are passive, they cannot PvP (without consent) or raid, and in return they are exempt from it by being able to toggle PvP.

Reaching Out to Staff

You have numerous options to get in touch with staff if you ever need help on NostalgiaCraft. You may:

  • Open a ticket in the Discord server here.
  • Use /msg or /report on the Minecraft server and ask them for help.
  • If you do not wish to use either method above, please email [email protected] for further assistance by explaining your issue in detail.

Your privacy is important. Staff will never disclose a ticket or request history with the community except in the extreme circumstances outlined below:

  • Illegal activity or activities that we believe may violate any laws at the time.
  • Responding to a warrant from an authority located within the United States and all of its territories.
  • Intentional spreading of misinformation (we may use your information for truth and transparency purposes).