NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Technical Information

Server Hardware Info:

Our server runs a Ryzen 5800X with 64GB of DDR4 ram.

Server Gameplay Mechanics Info:

Technical Info:Set Value:
Overworld World Border100,000 block radius, 200,000 x 200,000 block size
Overworld Chunk Rotation Period (Inactive Chunk Deletion)180 days (6 months)
Nether World Border12,500 block radius, 25,000 x 25,000 block size
Nether Chunk Rotation Period (Inactive Chunk Deletion)180 days (6 months)
The End World Border15,000 block radius, 30,000 x 30,000 block size
The End Chunk Rotation Period (Inactive Chunk Deletion)28 days
Mob Spawn Radius6 chunks (96 blocks)
Mob Spawn Cap22 mobs per player online
Soft Mob Despawn Radius28 blocks
Hard Mob Despawn Radius96 blocks
Simulation Distance6 chunks (96 blocks)
View Distance8 chunks (128 blocks)
Entity Cramming24 Entities
Keep InventoryOff (except in Overworld spawn 700×700 area)
Fire TickOff