NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Alts and Duplicate Accounts

NostalgiaCraft allows the usage or “alts” or duplicate accounts on a fair-use basis. This means that if your usage of alts disturbs other players or disrupts everyone else’s playing experience, the staff team will take action and may ask you to discontinue using alts.


  • By using alts, you agree to follow any and all staff requests regarding such usage of alts
  • Using alts to AFK farms or builds is acceptable and is classified under fair-use, but the staff team may ask you to discontinue usage of alts temporarily/permanently during high player count times, if you have excessive alts, or for other reasons determined by the staff team
  • Alts are not eligible to be graylisted under any circumstances
  • Alts and their user are not considered confidential or protected information under our privacy policy