NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Joining + Tips

Connection info:

The IP is, the server supports both Java and Bedrock crossplay. However, if you are on Bedrock edition, you will need to use 25565 for your port.

How to get started after joining:

Getting yourself situated on NostalgiaCraft is easy! You have two options:

  • Do /wild and teleport to the wilderness
  • Walk out of the spawn walls and explore the community builds

Afterwards, as long as you’re 700 blocks away from the middle of spawn, you can do anything you want such as mining, building, etc. It is recommended that you make your final base far away from spawn, so that you don’t get disturbed by unwanted players. It is only recommended to do /wild to make your starter base to gather resources.

Making a final base:

Making a final base is crucial. NostalgiaCraft’s massive world size allows you to hide your base far away from spawn, and be able to teleport to it with /home. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t build your base at obvious coordinates or on an axis (for example 10k, 10k)
  • Don’t build your base exactly at the world border
  • Remove your nether portal on the nether side (set a home in the overworld and remove the portal then do /home)
  • Don’t build a gold farm or any nether project at your base’s nether coordinates
  • Put valuables in a enderchest, spawn has some (enderchests have 27 slots, if you use shulkers for all 27 slots, you can store 27 x 27 = 729 slots of items)

NostalgiaCraft’s reputation system:

We are a community based server, and as a result, have a reputation system. More experienced players know who is hostile and who is friendlier and trustworthy. If you are a new player, it can help to ask around before trusting anyone! Many people will try to lure you out of spawn or bait you to kill you for your gear, be careful!