NostalgiaCraft Wiki

Using Spawn Shops

How do NostalgiaCraft’s player shops work?

NostalgiaCraft has no virtual currency, our economy is item-based. As a result, players build shops with chests, and players barter with other currency items (diamonds or netherite ingots) for goods and services.

How do I browse player shops?

  1. You must have greylist status, please check out this article for more information regarding how NostalgiaCraft’s greylist system works.
  2. Go to the shopping district (it is located underground, the entrance is at X: 420 Z: 120), and find a shop you want to buy from, and follow the pricing/instructions.
  3. Deposit payment, and take items that you paid for.
The shopping district’s entrance location, there are bubble elevators to take you up/down.
Shopping district’s interior, consisting of two levels.

Failure to pay for items properly could result in greylist status being revoked. Please make sure that you have paid the proper amount for your items.

You can see an approximate map of spawn here.